Botanical Garden

Botanical garden is the art of any departments to show the diversity of plants to unique plants of the interest.

About 289 species of plants are cultivated. They have been introduced for their economic medicinal, ornamental values. Efforts are being made to the cultivate rare and endangered plants.

Bougainvilleas , Jasmines, Bamboos , Cacti and Succulents deserve special mention among the introduced plants. Its serve as out door laboratories for the students of botany. It helps in protecting local flora.

Our garden have many plants in living state from their original place, it becomes ready reference for better understanding. Our department has also developed green manure project, seven (7) tanks for aquatic plants, Vermicompost unit and Vermiwash.

Azolla Fodder cultivation project is also useful for demonstration to students Azolla. Fodder is very nutritive for Livestock. Small Hydrophonic project is also useful demonstration to students. Shednet

Foggers are useful for Azolla Fodder& wormiculture project