Chairman's Message


Dear Friends...
It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Pachora Taluka Co-Operative Education Society's (PTCES) Shri Sheth Muralidharji Mansingaka College of Arts, Commerce & Science. Here, academic institutes have a great role to play in enabling young people to have a grand vision and to equip them with overall ability and precise skill to change the vision into a reality. Our college offers various academic courses in almost all the streams. Our learned, concerned and responsible teaching staff endeavors to unleash the deeply embedded rational power in the mind of the students. Various extra-curricular and cultural activities happening in our college are aimed at total personality development of the students. We help students to develop an intelligent mind with analytical ability, to take on worldly challenges and a strong will power to assume social responsibility. In other words, we help in creating progressive and positive citizens.

We are providing educational services to rural students, wards of farming community & residents of Pachora. The Coming years ahead are special for all of us. It has seen the completion of 73 eventful years of PTCES. For me, my office bearers, committee members, faculty and students, it is a special honor to be carrying the proverbial flag of this respected institution. It is with a sense of professional pride and personal humility that I would like to briefly touch upon the achievements so far and point to the way forward.

• SSMM College is our flagship institution. It is going full steam ahead chart out a renewed roster of full time courses and employment and knowledge-intensive programs. Course contents and syllabi are being re-oriented. SSMM is affilated with North Maharashtra University Jalgaon.
• SSMM College is re-orienting itself to enhance the quality and relevance of its educational bouquet.
• Members will be happy to know that the massive renovation program has now been almost completed in all our Key departments of College. Using our own funds together with goodwill and support of our many well-wishers we are now setting our sights on getting autonomy for some of our other projects.
• The College is now in full throttle, conducting Post Graduate Courses in Arts Stream (English & History).
• A well equiped English Speaking Lab is completed a dream comes to true and it is a pride of SSMM in NMU.

Finally, I must express my gratitude to my entire team, Office bearers, Committee members, Principals, Faculty, Officers, Staff and Workforce. After I took over at SSMM, I was also invited to join various educational orgnisations, where I have charge of education and related portfolios. I have endeavored to bring this wider perspective to bear on the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of SSMM. The world is opening up. We have plans for further modernization and you will soon see some of Ten Thousand square feet of additional construction taking shape. But more important than all this is the pride and commitment which we all carry into our daily responsibilities. It is this teamwork and loyalty to PTCES which will I believe; take the Society to even greater heights. Our cover is a subtle expression of the combined skill and dedication which wilt help us to shape PTCES into well-known globally acknowledged institution.

Shri. Sanjay O. Wagh

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