PTC Education Society’s Shri Seth Muralidharji Mansingaka Arts ,Commerce And Science College was established in June 1970. At the time library was a very small unit having less number of books and a teachers senior college used it to look after work.

As strength increased books were also added every year and a separate room was allotted to the library. in due course of time the business of library increased and the post of library was created as per the UGC norms and the librarian was appointed in the year 1977 .In the year 1997 the library was shifted in the separate library building constructed under UGC grants in 8th plan. the college library is supported by the UGC grants .the library is separately located in the college campus ,the area is about 1800 sqft .the library is well ventilated with adequate facilities. The reading room facility is separately made available for boys and girls and staff.

At present college library is having 55175.books and almost 28.periodicals and12 magazines of various subjects, in the year 2009 the college library purchased the automation software SOUL 2.0 and now the library is computerized and circulation and other activities done by the computer.

There are two separate reading rooms with seating capacity of 50 students ,the reference section contains a number of books, journals and magazines, it helps the teacher and students for their study work .the library is open from7.30 to 17.30 p.m. on all working days, except holidays and Sunday.